Very Basic Ways to Be Prepared for a Long Travel

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Basic Preparations You Need To Make For A Long Travel

You’ve planned everything, packed all your luggage, left your dog with Dad and you’ll be going to the airport in a few hours.

But still your inner voice asks: “what if something goes wrong? What am I going to do?”. Perhaps it would be reckless not to worry just a little.

Here are some tips to help you stay in control and be confident during your holiday:

1. Choose the best seat

Choose the best seat

When buying a ticket, most airlines offer you the option of choosing a seat for a couple of extra dollars. It’s often worth the money to ensure a comfortable flight – near the window, where you can see all the great scenery, or on the end, so you don’t have to be disturbed by your neighbours moving. Some airports have USB ports – you can pick this spot and work or entertain yourself while charging your gadgets.

2. Back everything up

Back the important data

Life is unpredictable and no one is totally safe from theft, even the most cautious traveler.
So, back up all the important files and photos to a virtual cloud. Keep both digital and physical copies of all documents and important phone numbers within reach in case of an emergency.

3. Keep a secret stash of cash
Keep a secret stash of cash

Though people say money can’t buy you everything, the thing is, it certainly makes life easier. Money really does rule the world. That’s why it’s always important to have a little stash tucked away, in your sock, the inner pocket of your jeans, your belt, even your underwear, wherever – you’ll thank yourself for such foresight in a crisis. If nothing bad happens, you can always spend it when you get home, so you don’t lose anything by being prepared.

4. Tag your luggage and take photos

Tag your luggagetake photos of your luggage

Hang a tag with your contact details on your suitcase and take some pictures of your luggage with a smartphone, so that you can show and describe it to airport workers faster and in greater detail, in case it gets lost at customs. As usual, no one can be entirely protected from such eventualities. If it happens to you, take a deep breath and fill in the form –  your luggage will soon be found.

5. Don’t forget your travel insurance

Don’t forget your travel insurance

We all assume we’ll be safe, but it’s so easy to break something or get injured when you’re least expecting it. So please don’t forget to purchase travel insurance – it’s important to take care of yourself!


The most cruсial tip of all:
Don’t panic if something doesn’t go according to plan!

Stay calm, because you really can deal with the unexpected. Believe in your own capabilities and you’ll gain new knowledge and experience by staying cool in a crisis.

Remember there’s no problem that can’t be solved, and allow yourself to enjoy your trip!

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