Top 5 Basic Packing Tips For Solo Travelers

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Top 5 Packing Tips For Holiday Travelers

Any keen traveler will have a number of packing lifehacks up their sleeve to make preparing for their latest holiday trip much easier. For many people, however, packing a backpack/suitcase is both the simplest and the hardest part of a trip, because you have to follow strict rules to make it a success.|

For example, every country has its own luggage regulations, so you could end up having to part with some of your essentials if they don’t fit the airport’s criteria. No-one wants to be left hungry and helpless because of a packing fail. Do not worry, we won’t let this happen to you.

Ready to pack, ready to go!

1. Pick the right size suitcase

Pick the right size of a suitcase

Before you start packing, you must check the maximum weight and dimensions permitted for a suitcase and a carry-on bag. In most cases a suitcase should be no more than 158 cm and 32 kg, and a carry-on bag should not be above 56 x 35 x 23 cm in size and 10 kg in weight for domestic flights. But it varies from one airline to another – check info about yours at the site or on the phone.

2. Prepare all your outfits for the trip.

To make it more clear, here is our advice to you – lay out all the possible outfits for every day during the trip. Look at them, consider what looks best, combining with other items and lighter and throw away the half of it!

As Matthew Karsten mentioned in his 30 Best Travel Tips After 6 Years Traveling The World:

You don’t need 1/2 the gear you think you do to travel anywhere.

Following this step will save you a lot of space in your bag.

Prepare all your outfits for the trip

3. Roll up your clothes and fill in the gaps.

Yes, that’s right, roll your clothes like sushi rolls – it will save space in your suitcase and reduce the risk of creases. The rolling technique means you can wear your clothes just after you settle out at the hotel without having to do extra ironing.

Roll up your clothes and fill in the gaps

Also fill up ALL the empty space – your T-shirts, gels, socks and other tiny things can fit perfectly into your sneakers (or any other shoes).

fill the empty space in your sneakers


4. Pack all the essentials in your carry-on bag

We do mean ALL THE NECESSARY THINGS like documents, money, tickets, toiletries by 100 ml volume, an empty bottle for water, food and even one extra outfit just in case.

Bring some snacks so you don’t have to buy expensive food on the airplane, prepare some entertainment during your flight. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and moisturize and massage your skin –  you’ll feel a bit more rested after landing.

Pack all the essentials in your carry-on bag

5. Weigh the luggage and keep its content in mind

You have to weigh your luggage at home and make sure you don’t go over the exact weight the airport allows. If you remember the total weight and dimensions from point #1, you won’t go far wrong.

Weigh the luggage and keep its content in mind


The last thing you should do is keep in mind what you’ve packed and where.

Keep a mental record of where you’ve put your documents, phone and camera chargers, essentials from your carry-on bag, in which shoe you can find that extra pair of socks or bottle of shampoo, and so on.

That’s it! We hope these tips will make your packing better and your trip much more enjoyable!

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